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Did You Know?

There is a housing crisis for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD), especially those with 24/7 support needs.

80% of adults with I/DD live with a family caregiver.*

People with I/DD experience elevated risk for poor health and social outcomes in adulthood and are at risk for experiencing homelessness and housing instability.**

When parents are no longer able to care for their adult child with I/DD, there is often nowhere for that person to live and they are at risk of homelessness.

Thousands of families in NY State are struggling to find safe, appropriate, permanent housing for their loved ones with I/DD.

New York State has over 5500 individuals on wait lists for group homes and roughly 2% are placed each year, leaving many individuals in living arrangements that are not sustainable and potentially dangerous. 

Source: * University of Minnesota's Institute on Community Integration and The Arc
**National Institutes of Health in conjunction with the National Library of Medicine

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Smokey Hollow Community was created to change those outcomes.

Image by Marissa Daeger


Smokey Hollow Community's mission is to address the lack of safe, affordable and appropriate housing disproportionately affecting low-income adults with I/DD, especially for those with 24/7 support needs, and to change the culture and understanding of residential choice for individuals with I/DD.

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Our vision at Smokey Hollow Community is to establish an alternative residential model; to allow ownership by the individual, provide choice in where and with whom they live, and to continue  their accessibility to the greater community. 

Sharing Pizza
Sharing Pizza
Image by Kelly Sikkema

What is Smokey Hollow Community?

Smokey Hollow Community is an integrated, shared living apartment community that is family and individual-directed, within the greater community. 

Individual apartments will give each resident privacy, dignity and security. Inviting common spaces such as a kitchen and lounges will encourage interaction between the residents, allowing for natural opportunities to share staffing resources.

The design and layout of Smokey Hollow is similar to senior assisted living communities, which are the gold standard of living and care for those needing a higher level of support. 


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BRAVO! to you ladies! You're stats on this site are very sad and can be discouraging to us parents. I am the mom of a 38 year old woman with IDD. She's been on a waiting list for 13 years. My heart breaks for all our children who need a decent place to live, a home to call their own.   

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